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What are the limitations of the demo version?
The only difference between Personal and Professional editions is that the Personal edition puts a watermark (banner) in each encrypted file (for .asp files, it will only encrypt relatively small files, and will not encrypt bigger files). Everything else is absolutely the same, there is no any limited or missing functionality in Personal edition compared to Professional edition.
Encrypt HTML source Personal edition has all the features of Encrypt HTML source Professional.
The only feature that is not available in the Personal edition is the Web - Update module, but it is not a part of the core program's functionality.
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If I buy Encrypt HTML source - Professional edition, do I have to pay to get the updates / new versions of the program?
No. All registered users of Encrypt HTML source Professional will receive all future new versions free of charge. This means not only minor upgrades like from version 1.5.x to 1.6, but also all major updates, like from version 1.5 to 3.0.
Unlike most software companies, we will never charge you for an upgrade. Once you buy the program, you can get all new versions for free - without exceptions.
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Is the program available for other platforms such as Macintosh, Linux, Unix etc.
Encrypt HTML source for Linux is being developed. We hope to release the first public beta version for Linux soon, so please check our beta testing page in case you are interested.
We currently don't plan to release Encrypt HTML source for Macintosh platform. The program has not been tested on PC emulators for Mac, and we do not provide technical support for such form of usage.
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Internet security programs or antivirus applications display warnings about Encrypt HTML source. What this means? Is it safe to use the program?
Some personal firewalls (like for example Norton Internet Security suite) may display a warning that the file enchtml.exe(that's the main Encrypt HTML source executable) tries to connect to the web. In such case you may configure your personal firewall to deny enchtml.exe any access to the web - this will not affect Encrypt HTML source's functionality (Professional edition users: the Web - Update main module executable [ehswum.exe] should be able to connect to the web (or at least, to our website), otherwise you will not be able to use the Web - Update feature).
Some antivirus programs may also display alerts about enchtml.exe - all such alerts are false and it is absolutely safe to ignore them.
For example some versions of Symantec's Norton AntiVirus(NAV) may display an alert like "Malicious script detected" - in this case configure NAV to "Authorize this script", or choose the option with the closest meaning from the list of available options.
Most antivirus programs allow certain files to be excluded from virus activity detection. It is strongly recommended that you exclude the main Encrypt HTML source executable enchtml.exe from virus activity detection, otherwise the program may not work correctly in some cases (you may scan the program's installation folder before doing this to be sure the files are not infected). For some antivirus program you may need to exclude enchtml.exe again after each web-update.
Each new version of Encrypt HTML source is scanned with three different virus scanners before uploading it to our server - you can be sure that the program is not infected.
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