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The encrypted file displays a javascript error or just does not work.
There could be several reasons for that, but you can be sure Encrypt HTML source is not among them :-)
Of course, first ensure that the original file works normally and does not display any javascript error messages. Make sure you have the latest version of Encrypt HTML source - the latest version available is always listed on our website. There you can also read about syntax requirements your files should comply with, although they are very basic and simple.
Please read the "Website Security - Known Issues" section of the Help file.
To avoid errors, save encrypted file in the same folder as the original under a different name - this will ensure that all the relative paths are correct.
Note that additional security options are not available for .vbs files.
When encrypting many files at once, some of the Encrypt HTML source syntax checkers are disabled. If you have problems with a file encrypted this way, try to encrypt it again separately.
If you have selected the 'Disable offline use' security option, encrypted file will not work if you just double click it in windows explorer. To work, such file should be requested through http protocol. You have to upload it to a web server, or you can also test it offline if you have some http server installed locally (on your PC), like the http server which is a part of Microsoft IIS(Internet Information Services). To test the file using a local http server, copy it to the server's root folder, then in the url field of your browser type:
You can install Internet Information Services from the Control Panel - Add/Remove programs - Add/Remove Windows components. Windows installation CD is required.
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I can see a password protected html file even if I enter an incorrect password.
This only looks like a bug, but in most cases it's not. If you choose to 'Display blank page' in case of an incorrect html password, this could never happen. If you choose the 'Go back' security option, but then you directly open the file(not by clicking a link to it in another file) it could happen - if you're testing the file offline. It could also happen if you choose to redirect the visitor to another url and you're testing the file offline.
These problems will not appear when your password protected web page is requested from a web server (through http protocol).
We suggest that you always use the 'Don't allow offline use' security option when you password protect web site.
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The 'referrer check' option doesn't seem to work.
This option will not work if you test the encrypted page offline (that is, from your local hard disk), you have to put it online (on a web server). Always check pages protected this way online! Note that some web servers does not support this option. If the online test fails, you host your site on such sever - in this case, don't use this feature. However this situation is very rare.
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You claim Encrypt HTML source will increase the number of visits to my site by blocking content filters, but I can not see a difference.
We said that it might do so, but there is no guarantee !
By encrypting your site, Encrypt HTML source will protect it from being blocked by web content filters.
Many of our users reported a noticeable increase in the number of visits to their sites immediately after they started to use Encrypt HTML source. Some of them reported 2,3 or even 5 times more visits daily!
However, this depends on the nature of your site. If it is not likely to be blocked by web content filters, you don't have to expect more visits as a result of website encryption. Also, Encrypt HTML source can't help if the content filters block your site by its URL.
There are two ways web content filters block sites - by URL and by scanning the html source code for certain keywords. Using the first method only is now considered unreliable because it requires maintaining large databases with millions of URL's which need to be updated daily. Good content filters use both methods together. You can be sure that Formula1.com, eBay.com, Amazon.com, Download.com, mp3.com or Travel.com are blocked by their URL's. But sites that are not so popular and are not in the filter URL blacklist, are blocked after scanning their code for 'bad' words. If this is the case for your site, Encrypt HTML source will surely help.
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I see an error message about missing or invalid component when I start the program or when I try to use some feature. What should I do to fix the problem?
This means some .ocx or .dll file is missing, corrupted or improperly registered on your PC. Encrypt HTML source installation package includes all such files which the program needs to run, but you can still see this error message in some cases (for example if you uninstall some other program, the uninstaller may remove some file which Encrypt HTML source needs ).
If you see such an error message,you can mail our support team for the missing file, but you can also find it yourself - just go to Google or some other search engine and enter 'xxx.yyy' or 'download xxx.yyy' as a search phrase - there are a lot of sites from where you can download .dll or .ocx files.
After you download the missing file, copy it to your \System32 or \System folder (depending on your operating system - use \System32 folder if you run Windows NT4, 2000 or XP, and \System folder if you run Windows 95, 98, 98SE or Me). Then click Windows 'Start' button, click 'Run', in the box type
regsvr32 xxxxx.yyy
and click OK. You will see a message that the operation succeeded. That's all, the problem should be fixed.
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Does it matter what html editor I use to create my website? Are there any recommendations in regard to this?
You can use any HTML editor(DreamWeaver, FrontPage, HomeSite etc.) or text editor(Notepad, UltraEdit, Wordpad etc) or create your pages, it doesn't matter at all.
Encrypt HTML source will encrypt your files no matter what program you used to create them.
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The encrypted file works fine on my PC but does not work when I upload it to PayPal. Can I protect PayPal links, files etc.?
Yes, you can protect PayPal links and other content. Click "Settings" --> "General Settings". Check "Paypal-friendly encryption" box and re-encrypt the file.
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The program closes itself and displays an error message when started on Windows XP. How to fix this?
In some rare cases, when you start Encrypt HTML source on a WindowsXP system, you may see an error message like:
"Encrypt HTML source has encountered an error and needs to close" or alike.
This can be caused by some "tweak" programs, such as WindowsBlinds (and many others).
If you see such error message, go to Encrypt HTML source's installation folder (it is most likely C:\Program Files\Encrypt HTML source ). Right click on the enchtml.exe file and select 'Properties' from the context menu. Click the 'Compatibility' tab and check the 'Disable visual themes' box. This settings change will be applied only to Encrypt HTML source and will not affect other programs.
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Encrypt HTML source works slow - it takes more than a minute to protect a folder
This is possible on relatively slow machines. Encrypt HTML source is different from other programs of this sort. It performs a deep analysis of your source code in order to predict and avoid possible problems and to select the best possible protection strategy for each file. It also tests the encrypted output and in case of failure may restart the entire encryption process. All this takes some time, but ensures maximum security and best performance for the encrypted files.
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