Purchase Encrypt HTML source code

version 2.0

We are proud to announce that Code Protection Technologies is now a division of Protware Inc. - the world's first, biggest and most respectable web intellectual property security provider.

Encrypt HTML source code technology is now integrated in Protware's HTML Guardian - the world's standard for web site protection.

According to the agreement we have with ProtWare.com, all registered users of versions 1.x or 2.0 can upgrade their licenses for free to HTML Guardian Professional edition.

A 50% reduced price is available for all the registered users of versions 1.x and 2.0 who want to upgrade their license to HTML Guardian Enterprise edition.

As with Encrypt HTML source, all future updates for HTML Guardian (Professional or Enterprise editions) are free.

To upgrade your license, please send an email to registered@encrypt-html.com.
In the email subject please include your Encrypt HTML Source OrderID (it's available in the confirmation email you have received after your purchase). Please send the email from the address you used when you purchased the program. If you do not remember any of the above, please send us your registration file - it's located in the program's installation folder and is named ehs.reg.
You will receive instructions on how to obtain and install the registered version of HTML Guardian and how to update your license almost immediately.

You can directly purchase HTML Guardian Professional edition online by clicking here.
You can directly purchase HTML Guardian Enterprise edition online by clicking here.

But we suggest first to test the completely free Personal Edition of HTML Guardian. Click here to download it.